Bel STi-R PLUS - 100% Undetectable, Hidden Installation + Fixed Camera Locator

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Now With Multa Radar CD Detection

The Bel STi-R PLUS is the most sought after radar detector in Australia, it is a 100% undetectable radar detector with a GPS receiver that comes pre-loaded with an Australian fixed camera database (fixed speed and red light).  Building on its industry breakthrough Total Shield Technology that was so successful with its Bel STi range, the Bel STi-R PLUS has taken radar detection to an all new level with new features that increase both the range and dependability of this top-end detector.  The Bel STi Remote PLUS now offers a GPS receiver that alerts you to all fixed camera locations in Australia via it's fixed camera database and the GPS receiver also allows you to permanently lockout false alert locations with its new TrueLock Signal Rejection technology.

Main features:

  • 100% undetectable by all police radar detector detectors.
  • Full, hidden installation.
  • Band specific scanning - for example, you just need to detect Ka 34.3ghz in WA - no other Ka-band scanning required which means longer detection range.
  • Tech mode allows you to identify what frequency is being used in your state allowing you to set band specific scanning to increase your detection range.
  • GPS fixed camera locator with pre-loaded Australian database.
  • GPS false alert rejection technology gets rid of false alerts permanently.
  • Now with Multa Radar CD Detection.


Radar Detector/GPS BREAKTHROUGH:  A radar detector that now detects fixed cameras
Fixed camera locations are everywhere but they use different technology other than radar to detector your speed or determine if you have run a red light.  The Bel STi Remote PLUS now comes pre-loaded with a fixed camera database and it will now alert you when you are approaching a fixed camera anywhere in Australia.  This is done via GPS technology.  You can also program your own special alert locations such as school zones or hospital areas to remind you to drive with caution.

TrueLock™ Signal Rejection permanently eliminates false alerts by location and frequency.  
The Bel STi-R PLUS puts an end to false alarms. Its new GPS-powered TrueLock™ feature allows you to simply press the mute button a couple of times and never hear a radar-based automatic door opener or motion sensor again. Our patented design captures the location coordinates and the exact frequency of the signal and stores them in memory. Once stored, TrueLock™ will reject these signals, but is intelligent enough to warn you of a new or different signal in that same location. That's right, no more false alarms!

Day 1:
Lock out false alert
Day 2:
False alert signal is rejected
Day 3:
New signal detected


NEW! Exclusive TotalShield™ Technology
Our new TotalShield technology makes the STi-R PLUS completely invisible against any type of radar detector detector. Not only will it keep you unseen by all current radar detector detectors, (RDDs), it’s designed to be completely undetectablyeany  an future threats as well.

NEW!  Ka-Band Selective Programming
Superwide Ka-band can now be turned off, allowing each segment within the Ka-band to be turned on & off individually.  This allows far greater performance and range against the Ka-based threats as scanning time is not being wasted on searching other frequencies.  If you do not know what frequency is used in your state, a convenient tech. mode is able to display what frequency the police are using on this band in your state.  After you know this you can turn off the other frequencies for longer detection range.  In Western Australia the Ka frequency used is 34.3 ghz, this is the Ka4 segment.

Multa Radar CD
The latest camera being used across Australia is the frequency hopping, almost impossible to detect Multa Radar CD. The STi-R Plus processes and provides early warning of all mobile radar cameras. The expanded K-band range unique to the international models provides long range on the Redflex mobile radar cameras.

Comes Fully Equipped
The STi-R PLUS comes complete with a comprehensive owner’s manual and installation manual, separate display and controller for multiple installation options, front radar/laser receiver, GPS receiver, 12-volt interface module, 12-volt amplified speaker, a bicolor LED and all necessary hardware.

Perth, WA  buyers:  Installation is available at our office or in some cases we may offer a mobile installation service.

UPDATE: With all Australian and New Zealand fixed speed camera & red light camera database subscription is now FREE for all Beltronics and Escort current and future GPS enabled models. 
So no more annual fees for database updates commecing December 2013. 
Customers still need to register and download Detector Tools to apply any updates.

For links to Register your Unit and instructions on how to Register, click here.

Optional Accessories:


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