Valentine One Euro (V1) - Radar Detector

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Valentine One V1 Euro Radar Detector.  Successful defense begins with good intelligence about the enemy. Valentine 1 has a patented warning system relying on both forward- and rearward-facing radar antennas (front and rear laser sensors too). It goes beyond Ordinary Radar Detectors by telling you -- on every alert -- where to look, and how many to look for. Once you have this intelligence report, you can easily decide when to defend, and when you can simply shrug off a non-threatening alarm.  The Valentine One Radar Detector has consistently outperformed the best radar detectors in the world like the Escort & Beltronics.


Why does the V1 give you better performance in WA?
It's for two reasons actually, the first is that it runs in Euro Mode.  Euro Mode is a term that means a radar detector is capable of coming out of Superwide Ka (33.4 - 36.0 GHz)  scanning to be put into a narrow Ka-scanning range (33.97GHz to 34.65GHz).  This means that the time saved by the radar detector NOT scanning the entire Superwide range can result in longer range against different types of traps because it is not wasting time scanning unused frequencies.  Currently Euro Mode radar detection is suitable for use in Western Australia where multanova cameras are used because these cameras run on 34.3ghz.

The second reason is that the Valentine One is an extremely high quality radar detector.  It is made with the only the best components and is housed in a titanium casing.  Beware of cheap radar detectors that flaunt Euro Mode but don't have the quality to back the performance needed in WA.

  • Three logic modes for false alert reduction
  • Metal titanium case
  • Front and rear facing detection antennas
  • X, K, Ku, Ka, and K/Ka POP3
  • 360-degree protection
  • Directional arrows to ID radar source, front, rear and side
  • Visual and audible band identification
  • Progressive LED signal strength
  • Dim/mute/adjustable volume
  • Bogey counter tells driver the number of radars present.
  • Windshield mount
  • Visor mount
  • Lighter power cord
  • Coiled power cord
  • Direct-wire power adapter
  • Wiring-harness connector
  • Owner's manual
  • Interlocking fastener
  • Spare suction cups
  • Spare fuse
  • 12-month Warranty


Optional Accessories:

V1 Concealed Display w/ Band ID CigSplit turns your one cigarette
power outlet into 2!

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