Escort 9500ixI, Radar Detector & GPS Fixed Camera Detector

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Detects Radar and Fixed Camera traps:  Radar-based mobile cameras, fixed speed cameras (poles, bridges, intersections) and red light cameras. Only for Use in WA as it is Detectable

The Escort 9500ixI takes the next great leap forward in radarprotection. Escort have added "Auto Learn" which utilises their patented GPS Technology to eliminat false alerts automatically.

Now with the latest AUS & NZ fixed speed camera database to give you warnings of all 'Red Light" & "Speed Camera", locations not just radar & laser.

Travel Case and Smart Cord included!


AutoLearn™ eliminates false alerts.  
The Escort 9500ixI has AutoLearn, which utilises Escort's patented GPS Technology to identify and eleiminate false alerts automatically. 


Day 1:
Lock out false alert
False alert signal is rejected
Day 3:
New signal detected

Variable Speed Sensitivity provides real-time radar protection based on vehicle speed.
The Escort 9500ixI can automatically vary its sensitivity based on the speed of your vehicle. At interstate speeds, all radar bands are operating at full sensitivity, providing the best possible performance. At really slow speeds, like parking lots and stop lights, the sensitivity is turned down to almost zero. No more irritating alerts when you are going below the posted speed. The result is real-time on-demand radar protection.

SpeedAlert™ provides vehicle speed during each alert.
The Escort 9500ixI provides all the information you need to make an intelligent decision during each and every alert. The radar or laser band, signal strength, and now your vehicle speed are displayed during an alert to help you make the best possible decision.


Fixed Camera Database and Mark Location stores speed traps and other locations in memory.
Speed traps and camera locations are everywhere. The Australian version of the 9500ixI comes pre-loaded with an Australian fixed camera database.  If a certain camera isn't in the database the 9500ixI's "Mark Location" feature allows you to quickly store a specific location in memory. Simply tap the "Mark" button a couple of times and the 9500ix will store this location in memory. The next time you approach this area, the 9500ixI will provide an alert well in advanced to remind you of the potential danger.



  • AutoLearn - Identifies & eleiminates false alerts by location
  • Variable Speed Sensitivity - Adjusts radar's sensitivity based on vehicle speed.
  • Defender Database - Pre-loaded with thousands of speed traps and camera locations.
  • SpeedAlert - Provides vehicle's speed during alert.
  • Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts
  • AutoVolume - Will adjust the alert volume based on ambient noise in the vehicle.
  • User-Selectable Preferences.
  • Brilliant Blue Display.
  • Mute,Auto Mute & Smart Mute.
  • Built-in Earphone Jack
  • Safety Warning System (SWS) enabled.
  • One year limited warranty

UPDATE: With all Australian and New Zealand fixed speed camera & red light camera database subscription is now FREE for all Beltronics and Escort current and future GPS enabled models. 
So no more annual fees for database updates commecing December 2013. 
Customers still need to register and download Detector Tools to apply any updates.

For links to Register your Unit and instructions on how to Register, click here.


Optional Accessories:

Discreet Straight Power Cable makes it easy! Cigarette Splitter turns your one cigarette power outlet into 2!  Hardwire your Radar Detector to avoid messy cables!