Concerned about the new Vitronic Poliscan laser cameras coming to WA?  Don't be!  We have a solution.

Vitronic Poliscan Laser Camera - Replacing old radar cameras

The ALPriority runs on the 904nm light spectrum, just like the Vitronic Poliscan camera.  This means that while your ALPriority is on and armed, the Poliscan camera will not be able to obtain a speed reading on your vehicle!  You will receive an alert when you are within the Poliscan zone and the (s)camera won't be able to lock onto your speed at all, regardless of your speed.   Check out this video sent to us by one of our valued customers - note that the second set of beeps after the initial interference alert is the ALPriority turning itself off - this is BEFORE it passes the camera.  After receiving countless emails and phone calls regarding the new laser camera system being rolled out in WA, we wanted you to get some of the right facts about these new systems. 


  • Yes, the police have started rolling out the new Vitronic Poliscan mobile cameras for use in WA.  
  • Yes, these new cameras will operate on laser instead of the old radar technology that was used with multanova cameras.  
  • Yes, these new cameras will scan across 4 lanes of traffic simultaneously, taking front and rear photos.
  • Sometimes radar detectors can detect the cameras but the detection range will be inconsistent and usually it will be too late to react to the alert.

Vitronic Poliscan in back of van

Vitronic Poliscan on tripod

ALPriority vs Vitronic Poliscan Videos:



The ALPriority is better than a radar detector against these new cameras and is our preferred laser defence solution for use in Australia.  Laser is the future of police speed detection technology and we have the equipment to keep you protected.



LTi TruCam - Laser Gun + Video Recorder in One, Watch Out!


The other system our customers have been enquiring a lot about is the new Lti TruCam laser gun and how it will be used in Australia.  The LTi TruCam allows police to take a digital video of a vehicle speeding and records it in the gun as "evidence".  This means that the police could be distancing themselves even further from enforcing the law because this gun would allow them to hide in even sneakier spots then simply mail you a fine when you may not have known you have ever been done!  


LTI TruCam in use by police officer.

Sample of video



ALG9 vs LTi TruCam Video:




REMEMBER:  The ALPriority is a laser based parking sensor and is 100% LEGAL to use in all states. The new Poliscan transmits it's laser on a VPR (variable pulse rate).  The ALPriority has already been proven in by us and our customers that it works against the new Poliscan laser cameras.  




Drive Safe!


*Installation of the ALPriority is available in Western Australia.