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MagMate Magnetic Cup Holder Phone Mount

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In most states and territories it is now illegal to operate or even touch your mobile device for any reason unless the device is held in place ( Fixed to the vehicle with a phone holder. Why take the risk?
The MagMate mount features powerful rare-earth magnets that are 30% stronger than the competition to hold your device securely in place, even on the bumpiest roads! One hundred percent safe for Smartphones and GPS, the MagMate magnetic phone mount system creates unmatched gripping power by adding The MagMate Plate to mobile devices with or without a case. The MagMate Plate is included and can be applied directly to the device, adhered to the battery under the battery cover, between the phone and the case or to the exterior of the case.
  • Works with Any Device - MagMate is compatible with smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and more.
  • Easy Adjustability - Use your phone in any orientation, portrait or landscape, to fit your needs.
  • No Fuss - No need to deal with clumsy cradles anymore! MagMate is fuss-free.
  • For Everywhere - From the car to home or even the office MagMate will keep your device in place. The uses for MagMate are endless.

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