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Driver Assist > GT500SD 5" Heavy Duty Reverse Camera Monitor + Camera Kit
GT500SD 5" Heavy Duty Reverse Camera Monitor + Camera Kit

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Operating heavy-duty trucks, mining loaders and industrial or construction vehicles can be very challenging, especially when overall safety's on the line. The GT500SD, coming from Gator's long line of enhanced vision systems for superior and all-round vehicle awareness, can certainly make the operation of these large equipment a lot safer and easier. This is important not only for the driver, but also for the greater safety of other people working around them. 

With much greater vantage and awareness around the vehicle in tow, drivers can work in a more productive manner with lessened possibility of dealing potential damage to individuals, other vehicles, objects or infrastructure around their work area. GT500SD comes with a 5" heavy duty display monitor with adjustable metal mounting bracket, battery-operated IR remote control, small footprint heavy duty camera, removable sunshade for the display and a 6-metre input harness. The kit features PROLINK II screw connection cables which are dustproof and waterproof resulting in an extremely reliable connection to withstand the harsh operating environments.


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