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Flic Smart Button for ALPriority

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Flic is a simple and stylish wireless button that lets you create a shortcut to your favorite actions so that you don’t have to touch your phone.
Absolutely no need to touch your phone, Flic creates a shortcut to your favorite actions. With one Flic, you can create a shortcut to call a cab, text your loved ones of your location if you’re in distress, or just turn the lights on. Flic can do so much more too...
Flic allows you to control your ALPConnect and your AL Priority with the push of a button.
Flic button is connected to your smartphone within the Flic app, and then you may activate it under the settings page of  your ALPConnect to gain these smart button functions:   
  • Click: Mute PDC, full Mute, stop defense during laser alert
  • Double click: Suppress radar alert / Alter City Mode Filter (Highway/Red/Yellow) 
  • Hold: Connect & Disconnect and Hide 
The Flic button works even when the ALPConnect is running in the background.
Control Your Smart Home With Flic
Having a smart home set up should be, well, smart! Instead we have to dig through our phones to turn on a light? With Flic you can easily control all your smart home units the way it should be, with a smart, simple and easily accessible button located where you need it. With Flic you can also create scenarios for when you’re going out or when you’re having a movie night to control multiple units at once.
Safety is a Flic Away - Keep Your Loved Ones Safe
With just a click, Flic can share your phone's GPS location with your family and friends so they can follow you on your way home. In the event of a distressed situation, you can easily sound the alarm and send a distress message.
Flic can do so many things! From controlling music to taking photos to navigating home… the possibilities are endless! With our app you simply choose which actions you want to trigger when you click, double click or hold down your Flic.
Flic comes with a re-usable adhesive sticker so you can fixate it on any surface. You can easily peel it off and restick it again! Flic also comes with a Clip, so you can wear it on your clothes and bring it with you everywhere.
Flic connects to your phone with Bluetooth Low Energy, giving it a range of roughly 50m! It is compatible with iPhone 4s, iPad 3rd gen, Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) and later devices with Bluetooth 4.0. The battery lasts for a year with normal usage and Flic is weather and dust resistant!


  • Size: 28mm diameter, 8mm height.
  • Battery: > 2 years
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
  • Range: 10 – 50m (30 – 150 ft)
  • Supported OS: iOS 9+, Android 4.4+, Mac OSX Sierra
  • Clip-on and re-useable adhesive included.


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