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ALPriority - Multipurpose Parking System


What is laser?
Laser is a spectrum of light.  It is used numerous consumer electronics across the world and it is also used in the handheld guns you see police using when they are standing on the side of the road.  It is also being used in some mobile speed cameras.  Laser light on the 904nm spectrum is currently unregulated and anyone is allowed to operate any device on this spectrum.

Why is the ALPriority so much better than alternative laser defence systems?
There really is no comparison between the ALPriority and other cheaper systems on the market such as the Blinder and GF100.  The  cheaper systems use a different type of lower quality laser technology than what is used in the ALPriority.  The ALPriority uses a high powered class 1 laser diode that is over 3 times the strength of the police laser systems on it's own. The Blinders and GF100's use rows of .5 watt cheap iLEDs which get pushed much harder than they should.  What happens with these cheap systems is that performance is fine when you first start using them.  However, over time these .5 watt bulbs burn out and your system performance continues to go down.  The ALPriority bulb is tested to the highest possible standards and is good for over 10 years of continuous high end performance.

Does a radar detector pick up police laser guns and laser cams?
A radar detector does detect police laser but the drawback to using a radar detector against laser traps is that by the time the radar detector goes off, the police already have a reading.   This is because the laser “signal” is an instant-on device that is fast, narrow and very precise, allowing a police laser gun to obtain a reading very quickly.  Your radar detector gives no advanced warning against police laser.  Because laser does not bounce around like radio frequencies, the chances of you detecting laser aimed at other cars ahead of you are very low to none.

What do you need to be protected against laser traps?
The most common way to guard yourself against laser traps is by the use of devices known as "laser jammers" which are illegal because they intentionally interfere with police laser guns.  However laser guns run on the license free 904nm light spectrum which is not regulated or restricted. This means other devices like Nissans adaptive cruise control system, the ALPriority and many other consumer electronics, by default, will interfere with other 904nm laser light that comes into contact with them including police laser gun light.

 Why is the ALPriority the best (and safest) option for laser defence?

  • Protects Your Vehicle:  The ALPriority is a laser-based parking sensor that also runs on the 905nm light spectrum.  Laser parking helps ensure that you don’t run into other obstructions - keeps your car looking great.
  • Responsible Reaction to Inteference:  When interfering with other laser systems the ALPriority automatically turns itself off after between 3 to 9 seconds (user defined) - making it the most responsible device on the market as it will not continue to interfere with other laser equipment.  Driver is notified when interference with other laser systems is occurring.
  • No Jamming Codes:  Does not activate jamming code in Australian police laser guns (because it is not a jammer).

So what will happen if the ALPriority encounters a police laser trap?
Unfortunately if external interference occurs between the ALPriority and another source neither system will work properly during this time.  Below are some reviews showing what could occur between the two systems.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  The video in the 2nd review below shows a permanent interference time.  The Australian version of the ALPriority automatically disables itself after 4 seconds of interference - see "responsible reaction to interference" above.  The video in the first review the unit turns itself off (note series of beeps while disabling - this is BEFORE it passes the (s)camera so it is acting responsibly.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE - AL Priority (Region: Australia)

This product is specifically designed for Australia. It can not be adapted by an end User to a different Region and is limited to specific Australian Settings. A Model purchased overseas cannot be adapted to Australian Settings.

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