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ALPriority - Multipurpose Parking System > ALPriority3 - 3 Sensor Kit 2xFront 1xRear
ALPriority3 - 3 Sensor Kit 2xFront 1xRear

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Introducing the smallest and most powerful sensor yet available, internet upgradable & user programable, with new handy add-ons.

Smallest and strongest sensor 
The smallest sensor in its ultimate performance class, extremely resistant to engine noise and laser interferences
Laser coverage
Because of its 4x detector diode design the AL PRIORITY provides much better protection per sensor and wide angle coverage (up to ±15°H ±15°V)
Fast processing
The first to incorporate a Dual 16/32 bit processor running at over 100 MHz. Complex power filtering and stabilizing components allow ALP to operate from a 10V to 17V power supply
More effective
Superior laser detection powered by AL patented technology makes this sensor at least 40-100% more effective than any competitive product
User friendly and informative
AL PRIORITY is the first product in the industry that can be firmware upgraded and custom set up by a USB flash drive. Thanks to front and rear sensor discrimination, user is informed what sensor is alerting. As well, thanks to advanced self-test function, user is timely informed in case of any disconnection or malfunction.


Al Priority as a parking sensor
AL PRIORITY is, as its predecessors were, a completely functional parking assist device operating on the 905 nm light frequency. It constantly emits laser signals and recognizes them when reflected from an obstacle, consequently warning the user. Parking detection range can be custom setup to your preferred level within 8 available PDC options. As getting closer to the obstacle the speed of the parking alert will become faster. Thanks to the advanced program code the system will discriminate the laser signals coming from other laser sources. In case its normal operation gets interfered with by another laser source on the same light frequency, the ALP will try to maintain its perfect functioning. Should it recognize itself as a potential source of interference to another system, such as official speed measuring devices, the ALP system is programmed to reset within seconds.



Advantages over previous AL models and competition:
  • AL is the original successor to the Worlds' First laser based multipurpose parking sensor
  • Features the smallest sensors in its ultimate performance class
  • Superior laser detection powered by AL patented technology
  • Extreme resistance to engine noise and laser interferences
  • Holds the widest protection angle (up to ±15°H ±15°V)
  • Laser detection power (coverage) improved by 20% over previous RX2 model
  • Power of laser detection at least 40-100% greater than power of detection of any competitive products (and even higher if compared with lower class competitive products)
  • Dual processor Design running at over 100 MHz 
  • User friendly internet upgrades and set-up via USB flash drive
  • USB flash drive Theft protection Key
  • 5 sensor connection with front and rear sensor discrimination 
  • Innovative rear&side sensor cable exit
  • Laser cruise-control filtering sensor for factory LCC equipped cars 
  • Compatibility with many third party devices (radar, GPS antennas)
  • Advanced self-test function detects disconnection or malfunction
  • Fully effective from 10V to 17V power supply
Unlike most competitive products, AL Priority is designed and manufactured in Europe in an ISO 9001 certified factory. It carries a full complement of certificates: CE, e26, RoHS and Laser Class I.
The AL Line of laser based parking sensors started in 1998. It was the first of its kind in the World. First sales began in 2000 with the 2nd Generation model.  The original design and manufacture was undertaken by the inventor himself. All following Generations are still entirely made and designed in Europe to this day. This lengthy evolution has yielded a versatile product that is small in size but boasts unsurpassed laser sensitivity.

Included in the package:

  • 3 x ALPriority Sensors
  • 1 x ALPriority Control Box
  • 1 x 24 Month Warranty
  • Sensor is 30mmL x 14mmH x 57mmW

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