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Adjustable Motorcycle Windscreen Mount

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The Adjustable Windscreen Mount (AWM) is a mounting option for motorcyclists to hold a radar detector or other gadgets directly to the motorcycle windscreen. The AWM allows a rider to place a gadget in a location where it is easy to see and space is at a premium.  The Adjustable Windscreen Mount (AWM) was designed for motorcycles having a windscreen. The windscreen can have an angle ranging from being horizontal (as found on sport bikes) to being vertical (as found on cruisers). Once mounted to the windscreen, the AWM adjusts to provide a horizontal surface to place a gadget either on top of or underneath the AWM. The gadget is secured against the AWM by the use of rubber grips and a heavy duty Velcro strap.




It should be noted that the AWM has an infinite angle range. Once the AWM is mounted, the rider can tilt the AWM to the preferred angle to see and operate the gadget. There is no need to buy another bracket or holder to tilt the gadget. Two adjustment screws located on the AWM accomplish any angle adjustment, or tilting of the gadget.

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