ALPriority Dual N Radar Package

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Featuring the ALPriority Dual Sensor Multipurpose Parking System, ALPriority Bluetooth Module, ALPriority R/G Module Gen.3, ALPriority GPS Antenna and the ALPriority N Radar Receiver, this package is designed to keep you safe and remain alert while on the road!

Combining the ALPriority Dual and Bluetooth Module allows vehicle users to have the safety of using the Number #1 Laser Defence System in Australia on their vehicle and receive audio and visual alerts through their iPhone via the Bluetooth module and ALPConnect App*. Along with the R/G Module Gen.3 and N Radar Receiver to protect you from radar, and GPS Antenna to block false alerts under user defined speeds.

Included in Package:

- ALPriority Dual
- ALPrority Bluetooth Module
- ALPriority GPS Antenna
- ALPriority R/G Module Gen.3
- ALPriority N Radar Receiver


To be used with the Bluetooth module and free to download this app will give you a visual display and advanced voice alerts to your AL Priority system.

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