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Can the police tell if I am using a radar detector?
In Australia it is likely that the police in your state are using radar detector detectors (RDD's).  The most common RDD used in Australia is the Spectre III (also known as the Stalcar) and is widely known as the best RDD available to the police.
 The Escort Redline 360c, Radenso DS1, Escort Redline EX, Radenso RCM & Escort MAX Ci are the only radar detectors that are undetectable by the Spectre III RDD to date.  If you find another site claiming undetectability ask them to provide you with video evidence or 3rd party test results like those provided HERE on our site!

Is a completely undetectable radar detector available?
Yes, there is only undetectable radar detectors available on the market are the Escort Redline 360cRadenso DS1, the Escort Redline EX,
 the Radenso RCM and the Escort Max Ci sold on this site.  Please see our products page for product information or visit the Stealth Info section on our web site to find out more.

How long will your undetectable radar detectors remain undetectable?
The good thing about the undetectable radar detectors we sell is that it they not leak any radio frequencies.  This means that even if the police release a new radar detector detector the units will remain undetectable because there is still no radio frequency leakage to detect!  This makes our range the best choice for all Australian states!

Why is the ALPriority so much better than alternative laser defence systems?
There really is no comparison between the ALPriority and other cheaper systems on the market such as the Blinder and GF100.  The  cheaper systems use a different type of lower quality laser technology than what is used in the ALPriority.  The ALPriority uses a high powered class 1 laser diode that is over 3 times the strength of the police laser systems on it's own.  The Blinders and GF100's use rows of .5 watt cheap iLEDs which get pushed much harder than they should.  What happens with these cheap systems is that performance is fine when you first start using them.  However, over time these .5 watt bulbs burn out and your system performance continues to go down.  The ALPriority bulb is tested to the highest possible standards and is good for over 10 years of continuous high end performance.

How much range can I expect to get from a radar detector?
That depends on the detector you buy and the conditions you are driving in.  Conditions that can affect the range of a detector include how much traffic is on the road, are there bends in the road, where are the police hiding, among other things. Please contact us to discuss what distance you can expect from each detector we sell under different conditions.

Does a radar detector pick up police laser guns and laser cams?
A radar detector has the ability to detect police laser but the drawback to using a radar detector against laser is that if and when the radar detector goes off, the police already have a reading. This is because the laser “signal” is generally an instant-on device that is fast, narrow and very precise, allowing a police laser gun to obtain a reading in less than 1 second.   This means that your radar detector gives no advanced warning against police laser if it goes off.  Because laser does not bounce around like radio frequencies, the chances of you detecting laser aimed at other cars ahead of you are very low to none.  Please contact us to discuss laser defence solutions.

Do radar detectors detect fixed speed cameras?
There are two types of fixed speed cameras used in Australia, ones that run on radar and ones that run on peizo strips embedded in the road to measure a vehicle's speed as it passes the camera. Normally a basic radar detector would be able to detect the radar-based fixed speed cameras but would not be able to detect the peize-based ones, However our latest range of radar detectors now feature a GPS database which can detect BOTH radar and peize systems used throughout Australia. Click here to view our range.

Do radar detectors detect red light cameras?
Our latest range of radar detectors now include there own GPS database which can detect all red light cameras used throughout Australia. Click here to view our range.

I drove by a cop car and my detector didn't go off, what gives?
If your detector didn't go off that means that the cop car was not equipped with a speed detection unit or the police officer was not on active speed patrol duty and they did not have their gear on, just keep cruisin.

What happens if I get caught with my radar detector?
If you are in any state other than WA, fines and demerit points plus confiscation vary from state to state.  Usually confinscation is inevitable but fines and points (if any) vary from state to state.  Please check with your local authority to determine the penalties in your area.  To significantly reduce your chances of being caught, you should look toward buying one of our undetectable radar detectors both of which are not detectable by radar detector detectors used in other states.

If I buy more than one detector will you give me a better deal?
Usually yes, depending on if the radar detector is currently on sale and how many units you are looking to buy.


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