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Third Party Radar Test Results:
The following test results come from guysoflidar.com.  Guys of LIDAR (GOL) are a third party testing body committed to serving the motoring public and consumers by providing honest, accurate, and impartial performance testing of radar detectors and laser jammers.  The results below were from a straight stretch of roadway in a US with a direct line of view to the active radar.   Please remember that these are ideal conditions, in reality many things can affect the detection distance you will actually receive with a radar detector including other traffic, weather, road conditions, where the cops are hiding and more.  See the FAQ's section for more info.

Ka-Band Testing:
Ka is the latest band used almost exclusively by the police.  It is unlikely that you will get false alerts on this band.  It is more difficult to detect than the K-band with low quality detectors.  This is the band most police will be switching to from the K band and is the most important for your detector to pick up on in time.

*Source:  guysoflidar.com

*Source:  guysoflidar.com

K-Band Testing:
As this band is now used by many service stations and hotels in their automatic doors and the like, you can expect to receive false alerts on this band unless you are using the Escort Redline EX, Escort Max 360, Escort iX or Escort Max Ci and programming false alert zones.  On most detectors we sell you can program them to turn the K band off, however we recommend that you leave K on as it is still widely used by the police for speed detection.  The following results show that the worlds top rated detectors can detect the K-band equally.

*Source: guysoflidar.com

X-Band Testing:
X-Band is an older band which is all but obsolete for the use of speed detection.  You will get false alerts from many service stations and hotels in their automatic doors and the like.  We recommend that you turn this band off by following the simple programming instructions in the user manual of the Bel and Escort detectors.

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